Founded in 1936, Basketball England (then commonly referred to as the EBBA) is the governing body for all Basketball in England. A non-profit making organisation it is an association of member clubs and players, who elect an Executive Board (comprising of directors) to administer their affairs.

The Executive Board employs a number of professional staff to enable it to undertake its duties and achieve its aims. Basketball England's national headquarters is in Sheffield.

England Basketball has a regional structure based on the ten Sport England Regions. Each of these regions has an elected voluntary representative. Together the Executive Board members and these regional representatives form The Council. The Association also employs field officers working in the regions undertaking development work.

Within this network of regions there are approximately 800 member clubs.

Basketball England produces a wide range of books and journals, manuals on coaching, refereeing and table officiating and various other promotional/information pamphlets. It also works closely with its Area Associations and leading clubs, giving information and advice wherever possible. The media and other influential channels also receive a constant supply of information from the Association.

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