The APPG Basketball has held an Inquiry into:

the ability of Basketball to make a difference to the social challenges affecting young people, particularly in the UK’s inner cities

The Inquiry is now complete, download a copy of the full report here

Inquiry Terms of Reference

1.    To inquire into Basketball (in the widest sense) and, in particular:
  1. its interest to disadvantaged young people, particularly in UK inner cities, (utilising available participation data from Sport England; DCMS; and other organisations in the sport);
  2. current Basketball-related programmes that are addressing inner city social challenges and/or promoting all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of education;
  3. lessons learned and outcomes from those programmes, and the ability to replicate those outcomes in other locations;
  4. origins and sustainability of funding, where funding exists for current programmes; and 
  5. examples from other countries and/or jurisdictions.

2.    To make recommendations as follows:
  1. How such Basketball-related programmes could be better and more effectively delivered;
  2. How various government entities might collaborate to provide funding in an efficient and cost effective manner, and sustainably, to use Basketball as a method of engagement and change; and
  3. How to bring examples of best practice to the widest audience of partners, potential funders, decision makers, media, etc.

Further description of the Inquiry

1.    The wider aims of the Inquiry are to:
  1. highlight the current evidence and the potential of Basketball’s ability to rehabilitate disaffected youth, both keeping them off the streets and providing them with life changing opportunities;
  2. highlight that Basketball is increasingly being used as an activity to convey a range of positive health and education-related messages to young people;
  3. increase the profile of Basketball’s achievements at grassroots’ level with MPs and Peers;
  4. achieve greater recognition of the good work within Basketball-related programmes;
  5. encourage funding from widespread sources for effective Basketball-related programmes; and
  6. improve the standing of Basketball within the Government, particularly at national level, and in the private and third sectors.

2.    The process for the Inquiry is as follows:
  1. Produce “Call for Evidence”.
  2. Agree distribution list for “Call for Evidence”.
  3. Issue “Call for Evidence” by e-mail to agreed distribution list.
  4. Receive submissions from organisers of relevant Basketball-related programmes.
  5. Agree selection criteria for submissions to be presented by programme organisers and their sponsors at APPG hearings.
  6. Review and select a number of most relevant submissions for presentation at APPG hearings, covering the broadest range of sectors (i.e. education, social inclusion, health, anti-social behaviour, crime, etc).
  7. Make available the submissions on appropriate website, for information purposes
  8. Invite selected project/programme organisers and sponsors to present submissions at APPG hearings.
  9. Invite all interested parties to APPG hearings.
  10. Receive presentations by programme organisers and sponsors at APPG hearings.
  11. Agree process for production and content of draft Inquiry report.
  12. Produce draft Inquiry report.
  13. Present draft Inquiry report to core group of MPs, Peers and APPG members for their review and comment.
  14. Produce final Inquiry report.
  15. Distribute final Inquiry report.
  16. Publish final Inquiry report.
  17. Agree follow-up actions and process following publication of final Inquiry report.

The Inquiry report authors will be:
  • Members of the APPG on Basketball

The final Inquiry report will be distributed widely, including to:
  • David Cameron - The Prime Minister;
  • Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister;
  • Maria Miller - Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport;
  • Helen Grant - Minister for Sport and Tourism;
  • Ed Miliband – Leader of the Opposition;
  • Harriet Harman – Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport;
  • Clive Efford – Shadow Minister for Sport;
  • Theresa May - Home 
  • Yvette Cooper - Shadow Home 
  • Jane Ellison - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public 
  • Luciana Berger - Shadow Minister for Public 
  • Duncan Selbie - Chief Executive of Public Health 
  • Representatives of Scottish and Welsh 
  • All Members of the APPG on 
  • UK 
  • Sport 
  • UK Basketball National Governing Bodies [“NGBs”], Basketball Clubs and other 
  • Other Sports 
  • Police and Crime 
  • Local Government 
  • Appropriate 
  • Appropriate Businesses with CSR 
  • Appropriate Philanthropists; 
  • The Media.
The key milestones for the Inquiry are as follows:

Finalise all Inquiry Process Information Wednesday 19th February 2014
Issue Call for EvidenceFriday 21st February 2014
Deadline for Submission of EvidenceFriday 14th March 2014
First Inquiry Hearing DateTuesday, 25th March; 10am – noon
Second Inquiry Hearing DateTuesday, 1st April; 10am – noon
Third Inquiry Hearing DateTuesday, 8th April; 10am – noon
Draft Inquiry ReportFriday 2nd May 2014 
Final Inquiry ReportMid-July

Next steps:

The APPG Basketball has invited a number of basketball organisations to submit documentary information and evidence of specific Basketball related programmes to Roy Bent, who is acting on behalf of the APPG, by no later than 5:00pm on Friday 14th March 2014. Submissions may be sent either by post/courier to 2 Pine View, Leicester Forest East, Leicester, LE3 3FX and/or via email to roybent68@btinternet.com.