Basketball Scotland is the recognised national governing body for basketball in Scotland

Basketball in Scotland is at a critical time and there is an undoubted opportunity for basketball to make significant steps forward if we can respond to the challenges ahead.

Success will require the buy-in, energy and delivery from many partners working towards the same goal. The Game Plan for Basketball is a strategy for the whole sport – outlining how each partner can contribute to the success of the sport.

Basketball is truly a global sport, played by over 450 million people in 213 countries worldwide and smaller countries similar to Scotland have been successful in establishing both mass participation and significant elite performance.

Recent developments in the sporting landscape mean that there are opportunities for the sport to make giant steps in Scotland. The work of Active Schools throughout Scotland is introducing a very large number of children to basketball and the simplicity, fun, competitiveness and image of the sport is engaging them.

At the other end of the spectrum, London’s successful 2012 Olympic bid and the subsequent developments within the structures of British basketball, provide opportunities for the best Scottish players, which have not been there for years.

The sport in Scotland must build on the good work that is going on throughout the country and establish a structured development system that provides opportunities for players to compete at the level of their choice and ability. If it does so the sport will surely prosper.

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