Basketball Scotland is the recognised national governing body for basketball in Scotland.

We are passionate about basketball. We believe that sport can change lives and inspire communities. We are driven to make our sport bigger and better every day. 

We do this by working with people who share out passion - clubs, coaches, officials, volunteers and partners. 

Our role as the governing body is to provide leadership and governance across the sport, to support and challenge clubs, athletes and our partners, to deliver programmes and education and to secure investment into the sport. 

We are striving to create a collaborative culture through basketball that accelerates the development of the sport. 

Refining the Plan 

Our last strategy - Make it Happen - was written in early 2012 and a lot has changed. We have made huge progress over that time, but there remains significant room for improvement. 

We're refining the plan. While our approach remains consistent, this refresh will: 

1) Build on the progress that has been made
2) Provide greater clarity of purpose and increased focus
3) Develop the themes that were introduce in Make it Happen
4) Align with the current landscape - in particular the changes at British Basketball
5) Allow us to grasp the opportunities ahead - including Commonwealth Games in 2018 and 2022, and the 2020 Paralympics. 

The plan is structured to outline the alignment of our vision, purpose, objectives, culture and strategies. 

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